Emily Welther


A few words about me and dance

(an artistic manifesto)

When I think about dance, I think about the movements the human body makes that both transform and determine space within and without. As a dancer / performer / mover I consciously coordinate my body in relation to space, time and rhythm, often in front of an audience whom I am immensely grateful to.

The role of the audience is indispensable. They give me their attention for a specific amount of time which allows me to focus even more intently on what I am doing in each moment. This creates in me a particular energy which I return back to them. This circle / transferral of attention and energy between doer and watcher are important elements I consider when I make work and teach.

I am interested in creating openness and space within existing structures. I want to take what is already here, what has already been made, and expand it, weave around it, create the possibility for growth to occur from within that structure. Very possibly cracking it.

I am fascinated by how a body transforms space and energy, contains and creates rhythm, consciously and unconsciously plays with gravity and momentum and makes up reality.

Sometimes it's very fulfilling to move your body to music in a room. To start to sweat. To let go of something.

To experience to its fullest potential, everything that the body is.

To quote my late friend and muse Ursula Laeubli - "it just might be enough".